My Random Thoughts on Matthew
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A chapter by chapter look at the Gospel of St Matthew. Complete with study questions and contemporary discussions. We will tour through Matthew’s gospel. You will witness the life of Jesus as God quietly worked through history. You can witness Jesus birth and early life. You will see God intervene to protect the newborn and helpless Jesus. You’ll hear John the Baptist call each one of us back to God. You’ll see Jesus call his disciples and walk throughout Israel healing the sick, giving the blind sight, making the deaf hear and making the mute speak. We’ve seen him feed thousands. You’ll watch him take on the religious leaders of his day, calling them false prophets and hypocrites. Then you will be a first-hand witness as Jesus slowly walk towards Calvary. You can witness his crucifixion, death, and burial. Finally, you will learn about his rise from the dead, and the mission he gave his church. You can hear about the greatest message from the greatest messenger. The word of God is where we can hear God speak to each one of us. The Bible is where all of us can meet with Jesus himself hearing the voice of our loving creator. Come to join the study of God’s Word.