What I Read Today;

Romans 13; Matthew 13; Isaiah 13; Job 13; Joshua 13; Genesis 13

We have two sections of scripture that fit very well together today. This first is the account of Abram and Lot in Genesis 13.

God had blessed both men. Both had now grown their families and possessions to the point where the land could not sustain both groups. Fighting between the factions began to break out. Abram, as the senior family member, had the right to force Lot out to a place where it would be difficult for him to survive. Yet, Abram chose to give this choice to Lot. Lot of course chose the better of the two locations.

Abram trusted that God would keep his promise and take care of his family. Lot made the choice that the world would take. Abram chose the Road Less Travelled.

Abram chose to put aside his rights, and keep the peace in his family. He made the decision to allow the law of Love, that we read about in Romans 13, dictate his conduct and his treatment of his family members.

The lesson for us is simple, we need to love our brother and sisters, even when it hurts. I’m sure Abram struggled to find water and keep everyone fed after Lot chose the more fertile land. But you don’t hear Abram complaining. He chose to show God’s love. Showing God’s love won’t always be easy. Sometimes you’ll have to give something up that you really wanted. Other times you’ll have to swallow your pride and let someone else take the credit. No matter the case God promises to bless us when we make those decisions to put others ahead of ourselves.

We know the rest of Lot’s story. Things didn’t work out well for him, as we’ll read soon enough.

Abram would go on to become the great Patriarch. Lot would disappear from the pages of scripture.

Following God’s law of Love won’t always lead to fame and won’t always be easy, but God will reward us for our efforts in his own time.

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