What I Read Today;

Romans 11, Matthew 11, Isaiah 11, Job 11, Joshua 11, Genesis 11

As I write this post, it is the morning of January 6th, 2021.  This morning it appears that the Democrats have defeated the Republicans in the Senate races in Georgia.  That means that the Democratic power will control the Senate, House, and White House for at least two years.

I can already hear the hand ringing and finger-pointing from my conservative friends beginning.

I tend not to comment much on politics.  I believe that the Christian community has placed far too much emphasis on its relationship with politicians. In the 1990s, Christian organizations such as the Christian Coalition were created to influence political agendas.  The Republican party jumped in bed with these groups.  This union of church and political party has led to Preachers with large followings and public TV and Internet forums getting into bed with politicians who probably shouldn’t have allied themselves.  I have to admit, the group photos of President Trump and Televangelists have made me quite uncomfortable.

The real problem is that this union of politics and preachers has caused Christians to put their faith in the wrong place.  Now, as the political winds shift to the left again, rather than seeing it as a natural shifting of politics, we see it as some judgment from God.  Fear mounts because we’ve come to see the other party as evil.  We may disagree with liberals for their policies, but by branding them as evil, we make them our enemies.  

This Union has created the state of our country that we find ourselves in this morning.  Some pundits will scream that evil is in charge.  Others will say that evil has been pushed out of the White House.  The cycle will continue.

So what do we do this morning?  We stand on the edge of a divided country.  Our news channels will be filled with fiery rhetoric.  Some idiots will scream about riots in the streets and secession.  

Yet in Matthew 11:28-30, we find a man stands off to the side with his arms open saying, “Come to Me.”  We see our savior telling us that he will give us rest.  

For those who are fearful this morning, Jesus says, “Come to Me.”  He says that no matter what political party is in charge, he is still our Savior.  He is still the creator of the universe who has numbered the very hairs of our heads and knows what is going to happen.  He loves us and works out everything for the best.

For those who are anxious this morning, Jesus offers his rest.  He tells us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

If your religion is causing anxiety, maybe you are practicing it incorrectly?

Could it be that Jesus is reminding you and me that true peace cannot come from our nation, politics, or job?  Jesus may be telling us to put down our phones, turn off our TV’s and get off the internet so that we can spend time leaving our burdens and struggles with Jesus.  

Maybe it’s time we listened?

2 thoughts on “January 11, 2021 – Where does our peace come from?

  1. Not only that, some Christians were influenced by the unbelievers of the party; one which stuck out is to be willing to engage in armed rebellions. Now, I am for the 2nd Amendment which included the ownership of “Assault Rifles”, but I do not believe that we as Christians should take part in ousting of governments.

    I’ve watched Doug Wilson’s video this morning, and for the most part I am completely in agreement with him. He said that if we were to use firearms, we are only to use it only for the purpose of defense. If we are confronted with lethal force, we can as well to save our own lives and the lives of others.

    Another thing that influenced us is the belief in Illuminati Conspiracies. We do have our own problem of that nature, that some of us believe that the Vatican is evil secretive force that is the cause of the major evils surrounding the body of Christ which includes murder and poisoning of wells (All these conspiracies have their origin in the antisemitic Zionist Conspiracy). However, the NWO Conspiracy is I think, secular in origin.


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