What I Read Today;

Romans 10, Matthew 10, Isaiah 10, Job 10, Joshua 10, Genesis 10

Reading Romans 10 reminds me that the Church has a mission.  It’s a simple mission that we human beings have consistently screwed up.

A quick scan of our world today shows the relentless march of the highly educated and the cluely deficient who are now in charge.  Politics have infected our religion.  It’s as simple as that.

On one side, we have liberals who are espousing a world in which morality isn’t defined by the Bible anymore.  Anything goes, abortion on demand, check.  Sex outside of marriage, no problem.  We live in a world where anything goes.  Celebrities and business people can have multiple marriages, massive scandals, and all is forgiven as long as the size of the campaign donation is big enough or if their political leanings are in the “right place.”

Now the conservative side of the aisle has taken to doing the same thing in reverse.  We espouse a rigid view of the scriptures yet accept politicians who’ve not lived according to God’s word.  We’ve witnessed several high profile ministers caught up in scandals involving sexual harassment and, in some cases, adultery.

I believe that the problem right now is that the message has become about politics and the minister’s personality, not about Jesus.  We’ve spent too much time worrying about end times and not focusing on the right here and now.  We’ve missed Jesus’ point about making disciples and leaving the end of the world to him and the father.

The fiasco that has taken place in our political system is directly related to the fact that the church needs to make disciples.  

Paul tells us, in Romans 10:15, that people won’t know the message if they don’t hear the message, and you and I are the messengers.

We need to loudly and clearly proclaim to the world that Jesus has opened a way for you and me to spend eternity with Him in paradise.  Repent and believe the Good News! Amen!

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