What I Read Today;

Romans 9, Matthew 9, Isaiah 9, Job 9, Joshua 9, Genesis 9

Have you ever known someone who was slowly losing their eyesight?  Maybe they begin having trouble reading, or perhaps they begin to have a sensitivity to light.  As time goes on, you recognize that they have the symptoms of having a cataract in their eye.  

Cataracts are a slow forming disease of the eyes.  The film slowly builds on a person until the person can no longer see.  Treatment is common.  Doctors remove the old lens of the eye and replace it with a new one.  The procedure is outpatient, and most people see improvement in their vision within a day or so.

Even though treatment is standard and relatively easy, many people refuse to go and see the doctor.   Stubbornly they’ll tell their loved ones that there is nothing wrong with them and that they can see just fine.  They refuse to accept a cure that would give them their vision back and instead slowly go blind.

So here Jesus sits in Matthews’s home.  What does he find?  Jesus finds people who refuse to see that they are sick.  The Pharisees don’t believe they need a doctor.  They are slowly going blind because they require surgery to remove the old lens in their eyes.   

They require surgery to remove the sin that they carry.  They refuse to open their hearts to the great healer Jesus.  

Our society has slowly caused us to go blind.  Over time we’ve been gradually conditioned to move away from God’s teachings.  As our blindness has taken hold, we’ve grown apart from our savior and God’s Word.   Now the cloud that surrounds our vision has grown darker and darker.  Things that we wouldn’t have accepted just a few years ago are now OK.  We’ve begun to lose sight of what God wants us to do.  Because we can’t see anymore, we take shortcuts.  We hop on familiar paths that take us around God’s way, simply to avoid the hard truths.  

We know the cure.  We need to see the doctor.  But we don’t go.  Maybe we don’t want to get yelled at or made to feel stupid.  But we allow fear to keep us from seeing the great healer.  As time goes on, our blindness becomes complete.

Today, we need to turn back to the great eye doctor.  We need to turn to Jesus and ask for the healing of our land.  We need to do it before our blindness becomes permanent.

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