What I Read Today;

Romans 6, Matthew 6, Isaiah 6, Job 6, Joshua 6, Genesis 6

Job is in unbelievable pain.  He has lost his children, his wealth, and his health.  His wife seems to have turned on him.  Now, as he sits in agony, his friends arrive to point out his sin.  They turn up to tell him if he just has a little more faith, God will take all this pain away from him.

I think there are two lessons from Job, chapter 6.  

The first lesson is this:

Even though Job was enduring incredible pain, he was determined to hold onto his God.  He struggled with his faith.  Job was enduring tremendous physical pain.  He was in agony every time he moved.  Second Job suffered through the loss of loved ones. You cannot easily describe the pain of losing a child, let alone Job losing all of his children in one day.  The emotional toll had to be devastating.  Finally, his conscience had to be attacking him.  He had to be wondering if his sin had brought this on himself.  

Yet, Job was determined to hold onto his faith.  He was going to hold onto his God until his time was up.  Yes, he wished God would end his pain and bring him home.  But he put his faith in our loving God, and he held on for dear life through the storm that he was going through.

The second lesson is for his friends:

Sometimes saying less is more.  When a friend is suffering from cancer, or some severe disease, we are tempted to talk.  Most of the time, what we say only makes matters worse.   Sometimes, the best thing to do is to listen.  Let the person vent.  Be the broad shoulders that your friend needs at that moment.  Quiet support is more important than trying to solve a problem that may not be solvable. At that moment, pointing out that our God is a God of love is far better than demanding repentance.

When Jesus came across someone who was suffering, his immediate actions were to show love and mercy.  Our direct actions with our friends and family should be to do the same.

One thought on “January 6, 2021 – Living through the pain.

  1. Certainly sitting in grieving solidarity with Job was the most beautiful thing his friends did for him, indeed the only good thing they did. But what a great example to us with our friends, that you highlight so well here. God bless you.


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