What I Read Today;

Romans 5, Matthew 5, Isaiah 5, Job 5, Joshua 5, Genesis 5

In February of 1981, the Talking Heads released the song, “Once in a Lifetime.”

The song is about a man who wakes up one day with everything he’s ever dreamed of and yet doesn’t know how he got there.  Lead singer David Byrne’s lyrics, “My God How did I get here,” could be used to describe our society today. How in the world did we fall so far away from God?

In Isaiah 5, Isaiah explains how Israel’s nation found its way to the place where God would end the country.  

He lists several “Woe’s” to put exclamation marks on Israeli society’s state of affairs at that time.

The verses that stand out to me are verses 20 and 21.

Verse 20 – Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” NIV

And Verse 21 – “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight.” NIV

Look at our society today.  We have just elected a President and Vice President who support abortion up until the moment of birth.  We have just witnessed a congress refuse to send aid money to their citizens yet send billions to foreign countries and large corporations.

That’s just naming two issues.  

The further we move away from Jesus, the harder it will be for us to pull ourselves back.  

Yet, our God often allows us to fall into these messes.  He stands back and waits for us to hit bottom.  Then like the gravitational pull of the son, he pulls us back into his orbit.  There is always hope with our God.  No matter how far our society falls, God holds the leash.  And when he is ready, he will pull us back to him.

Until then, our job is to continue praying and preaching, leading, and teaching!

One thought on “January 5, 2021 – How did we get here?

  1. Mike
    Welcome back, and thank you for this. So sad and so true. The reluctance of believers to really stand up and speak truth has certainly allowed the decline of morality to freewheel to this point. We now will need even more courage.


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