What I Read Today;

Romans 4, Matthew 4, Isaiah 4, Job 4, Joshua 4, Genesis 4

I think that Isaiah 4 could be used, to sum up the year 2020.

Verse 1 opens with Isaiah describing a time of extreme angst.  A time when people will seek out leadership and won’t find it.  A moment when people will struggle with basic needs.  

2020 was like the time described in Isaiah 4.  There we many people who struggled with job loss or the loss of a family business.  There was fear over the motives of some of our government officials who were imposing lockdowns.  Other government officials seemed inept and failed to do anything to help fight the spread of COVID 19.  Worst yet, an unseen virus was moving about and was threatening the lives of our loved ones and spreading fear throughout our world.  

Think about that for a minute.  For the first time, A single disease was causing fear throughout the world.  Now with social media and the internet, fear could spread like wildfire on dry grass.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to fill your head with the rest of Isiah 4.  To take to heart that God has done the following for us:

  1. He has provided us with the Branch, Jesus Christ, who takes the fear of sin and death away from you and me.  He’s made it possible for you and me to live our lives with the hope that he’s paid the price for our entry into God’s heavenly kingdom.  We need not fear a virus!  
  2. Because we live under Jesus’ protection, he’s provided a canopy of protection.  Yes, we’re still subject to death.  But it will be a death that Jesus controls. We can trust that he will lovingly guide us through this life and walk us into the next.
  3. Finally, since we still live in a sin ravaged world, Jesus will provide shelter for us from the storms of life.  Jesus will give us “Booths” that provide us comfort and shelter during the storms.  He gives us his word where we can always run to for comfort and advice.  Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to hold our hands as we go through our walk of faith.  Jesus leaves us his promise to never leave us or forsake you and me.

The short chapter of Isaiah 4 gives us insight into the love that Jesus has for you and me.  Fall back into the loving arms of our savior who cares for you!

2 thoughts on “January 4, 2021 – Shelter From The Storms

  1. Amen! Our hope is in Christ Jesus and He will see us through. No matter what we experience here, we can have peace knowing our soul is safe with Jesus.


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