What I Read Today;

Romans 2; Matthew 2; Isaiah 2; Job 2; Joshua 2; Genesis 2

In Joshua 2 we meet the prostitute Rahab. This woman chose to hide the spies from Israel and risk her own life for a nation that wasn’t her own. Maybe it was self preservation that drover her to do it. Or maybe she had come to understand that God himself was judging her people. Either way, Rahab and her family were soon to enter the family of God.

While Rahab may not have known the teachings of Christ at that point, her heart was already fertile ground to hear the message of Jesus.

Too often today Christians come off as judgmental and hypocritical. We’re perfectly ready to tell others how to live their lives and not follow our own words.

Paul warns us of this in Romans 2. When we fail to care for our neighbor, we fail to follow God’s law of love. When we put our needs or desires above the needs of those in need, we fail to follow God’s law of caring.

Jesus taught us to put God and people before ourselves. That’s how we circumcise our hearts.

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