What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 3; Matthew 19; Isaiah 27; Psalm; 78; Ezra 3; Exodus 38

In Matthew 19 vs. 3-9, Jesus tells the Pharisees something they don’t want to hear. He tells them that divorce is wrong.

Like our society today, the Pharisees liked the idea of throw away marriage. It didn’t matter that the discarded wife would likely be forced to live with her parents for the rest of her life, or worse yet, live a life begging for food or in prostitution.

Today, infidelity and divorce have caused problems that we are only now coming to grips with. Statistics show the children of broken homes do worse in school and have more psychological problems, than children of who’s parents didn’t divorce.

Statistics also show, broken homes are more likely to be in poverty.

Yet, we can’t seem to learn that God’s design was for our benefit. We’ve decided that cheap sex and no responsibilities are the way to go. The havoc we’ve created is beyond belief.

Now, because so many are divorced in our society, the church has decided it’s not a sin to divorce your spouse.

Well I’m sorry folks, but God’s word say’s that, with the exceptions of abandonment and infidelity, divorce is wrong.

As a society it should be our goal to reduce divorce rates. If we don’t, I worry about what our society may become.

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