What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 2; Matthew 18; Isaiah 26; Psalm 77; Ezra 2; Exodus 37

I love to watch the videos on Facebook of stray dogs being rescued.  Watching a frightened dog growl or whimper and try to hide from his rescuers is heartbreaking to me.  When the rescuers finally capture the animal, some continue to try to escape; others lash out. Still, others cower in fear.

Then as the animals receive food, comfort, and love, you see a slow transformation take place.  Over time they become filled with joy.  They grow to love the one which they previously lashed out at.  Soon the animal transforms into a happy, loving dog who finds a home.

God is thought of by many as a cruel taskmaster.  A God who emphasizes rules and obedience over grace and mercy.

In Matthew 18:10-14, Jesus describes God as being on an eternal rescue mission.  A mission whereby he’s seeking out the strays on the street.  He sees us cringing in the corner of our lives where we are lashing out at God, hiding from God, or running away from God.  God lovingly reaches out to you and me, trying to bring us into his arms.  When people allow God into their lives can be transformed into his children.  We can leave the pain of the past behind us.  We can focus on the joy of a heavenly father who wants only the best for us.

To those of the world who continue to run away, God’s message to them is this; God wants all of us to come into his loving arms. 

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