What I Read Today;

Romans 15; Matthew 15; Isaiah 23; Psalm 74; 2 Chronicles 35; Exodus 34

Many people will read Exodus 34 verses 10-16 and rage at a God who would demand genocide and segregation.  In the United States history, some have used verses like this to allow for slavery and refugees’ mistreatment.

I can understand how some people feel reading this section of scripture.  Yet, I think there is another message here that we should pay attention too.

Let me tell you about two young women who were in my high school graduating class.  Both of them dated many young men throughout our four years together.  Both were beautiful young ladies who were smart and funny. 

Both of them, however, had a problem.

You see, they would take on the characteristics of whoever they were dating.  If they dated a jock, they became sports fanatics.  If they dated a rocker, they’d become heavy metal fanatics.  Sadly, if they dated a person who did drugs, well, they’d start doing drugs.  

To please their new boyfriends, they would do whatever that boyfriend wanted.

One of them outgrew the pattern and is now living a good life with her family, and you can see her Christian faith throughout everything she does.

The other never changed.  As an adult, she has been through multiple divorces and still doesn’t seem to know exactly who she is or what she stands for.

God’s warning to Israel and you and me is simply don’t go with the crowd. Be who you are in Jesus.   The world will be an ever changing place.  Fads will come and go.  Staying the course in following Christ is the only path in which we can find true peace and happiness!

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