What I Read Today:

Romans 14: Matthew 14: Isaiah 22; Psalm 73; 2 Chronicles 34: Exodus 33

The question I have for you is this, “How far will non-believers go, when you tell them they aren’t living a God pleasing life?”

In Matthew 14 verses 1 to 12, we read the story of the death of John the Baptist. What was John’s crime? He told Herod his marriage wasn’t legitimate. Herod who claimed to be a Jew was enraged and threw him in jail. Herod’s wife manipulated his daughter to ask for John’s execution and Herod complied.

If you live in the United States I’m guessing you heard about the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg last week. The battle over her replacement has begun and she isn’t even buried yet.

Sadly, this battle has been coming for over 50 years.

The leading candidate to replace her is Judge Amy Coney Barrett. She is already being attacked for her deeply religious catholic views on Abortion.

During the contentious hearings over Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, I commented to a relative that the debate had nothing to do with sexual assault or character it was always about Abortion.

As I said, this fight has been coming for 50 years. Those of us who view Abortion as morally wrong have been disappointed time and again with judges who’ve failed to take another look at Roe V Wade.

Now however, it appears that this may finally change. And the non-Christian world is not going to go away quietly. Judge Barrett is about to endure the character assassination of a lifetime. The rage you are about to see will stun you. It will not be pretty.

But that’s how it always is. As we move further and further away from a holy God, Satan will rage against the followers of Jesus. As we get closer and closer to the second coming that rage will get ugly.

But we should not despair. John the Baptist new he would spend eternity with his God. Each of Jesus followers understands this as well. The world will go into attack mode this election season. This Supreme Court nomination will tear any cover off the true intentions of her opponents. But God will win out in the end.

Pray for whichever Judge the president nominates this weekend. They will need our prayers.

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