What I Read Today;

Romans 11; Matthew 11; Isaiah 19; Psalm 70; 2 Chronicles 31; Exodus 30

Today there was quite a scene at the White House.  Two Arab nations came together to make peace with the nation of Israel.  A momentous occasion.

Peace in the middle east has been elusive for centuries dating back to Roman times.  I guess that it will remain elusive for centuries to come.  In a part of the world where the three great religions were born, peace will be difficult to attain.  Every President since Harry Truman has stumbled into the mess known as middle east peace. Let’s pray that President Trump continues to have success, where others have failed.

I think it’s essential that we keep striving for peace in any event.  Isaiah 19 vs. 23-25, speaks of a day when from Egypt to Assyria, all will worship our God.  Our prayer should be that all who live in the middle east will come to a knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Pray for those brave souls who are on the ground in these nations proclaiming the peace of Jesus!  They are genuinely risking their lives for our Savior! 

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