What I Read Today;

Romans 10; Matthew 10; Isaiah 17-18; Psalm 69; 2 Chronicles 30; Exodus 29

In 2 Chronicles 30, King Hezekiah calls the entire nation to a celebration of the Passover.  The country hadn’t celebrated the Passover in years.  He also called his people to repent.  The King asked his people to humble themselves before their God.

Congress begins every day with a chaplain open the session with prayer.  At the inauguration of a President, we make a show of having a high profile preacher praying.

What Hezekiah was doing was very different.  He knew how far the nation had fallen.  Hezekiah was trying to turn the ship around.  For that to happen, he humbly called his people to worship and pray.  Not everyone showed up.  Yet those that did God blessed.

What would the scene be like today if instead of giving a State of the Union, a President called the nation to repent and pray?  Could we possibly bridge some of the divisions?  Or would it be ridiculed as self-righteous?  

I don’t know, but I’d like to see a real leader try it sometime!

3 thoughts on “September 10, 2020 – True Leadership

  1. I would like to see that too. But I’m afraid with the current temperament of the media and youth, he would be ridiculed and accused of forcing hid religion on the nation, violating the 1st amendment.


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