What I Read Today;

Romans 9; Matthew 9; Isaiah 15-16; Psalm 68; 2 Chronicles 29; Exodus 28

In 2 Chronicles 29, we meet King Hezekiah.  His father, King Ahaz, was not a good king.  He rejected God and neglected his duties. Yet somehow, his sone Hezekiah did not follow in his footsteps.

Maybe, Hezekiah remembered his grandfather King Jotham.  It could be that his mother Abijah taught him the lessons she learned from her father, Zechariah.  Whatever the reason, As soon as Hezekiah assumes the throne, he begins a cleansing.  Both a physical cleansing of the temple and spiritual cleansing of the people.

We are not bound by what our parents or family have done.  We are only bound by what we do.  Our God allows every one of us to live our lives for God.  He offers us grace and mercy and wants us to come into his presence.  Yet, he won’t force the issue.  

Hezekiah was able to save an empire.  He did it by trusting God throughout his entire 29-year reign as king.  God would show him miracles and healings.  

That’s a life he offers all of us!

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