What I Read Today:

Romans 4; Matthew 4; Isaiah 5-6; Psalm 63; 2 Chronicles 24; Exodus 23

Today two chapters speak a similar message to me.  

In 2 Chronicles 24, we see King Joash early in his kingship.  His trusted advisor is the high priest Jehoida.  Jehoida keeps the young king focused on God.  He screens out the culture around the king so that the king can concentrate on rebuilding the temple and the worship life of his people.

Unfortunately, after Jehoida dies, the king turns to other advisors.  These advisors are not Godly people.  They lead the king into apostasy so evil that he winds up killing a prophet of God Zechariah, the son of Jehoida.

The pull of the world grabbed hold of the King and tore him away from God.  The same draw directed the king towards a world focused on pleasure and power.  In the end, it would become his downfall.

That’s why God told his people in Exodus 23 not to make a treaty with those remaining in the promised land.  It’s why he wanted all trace of their religion and culture removed.  God knew that the culture around us was such a powerful force; it could destroy the faith of almost everyone.  

We live in an anti-god world.  Our world today glamorizes pleasure and violence.  Since it’s impossible to live away from the world, we must fill our minds with God’s things.  We need to make a deliberate time each day to be in God’s Word.  A specific time to spend praying.  We need to fill ourselves with God’s weapons to combat a culture that will continuously be pulling us away from God.  

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