What I Read Today:

Revelation 15-16; Zechariah 13-14; Psalm 59; 2 Chronicles 12; Exodus 12

It’s easy to just skim through the story of the Passover in Exodus 12.  It sounds so cruel to hear about the deaths of all those people.  Why would God choose to save the Israelites and not the Egyptians?

We have grown up hearing about God’s love and mercy.  The message has become so watered down that we believe that a loving God would never pronounce condemn anyone.  That’s not what a loving God would do.

Yet we forget that God is also holy and just.  He demands perfection in his presence.  He demands a price for the violations of his law that people commit every day.    

So we have a choice.  It’s the same choice that Pharoah had. We can either accept the saving grace of Jesus and allow his blood to protect us or, we can take God’s punishment upon ourselves.

In other words, live for God today, or live without God forever.  That’s why the Passover is still essential today.  It reminds us that we have a choice.  Let’s pray that more people will accept the saving grace and mercy that Jesus offers!

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