What I Read Today:

Revelation 13-14; Zechariah 10-11; Psalm 58; 2 Chronicles 11; Exodus 11

We read today in Revelation about the infamous, “Mark of the Beast.”  Apocalyptic writers have spoken of a mark that our governments would use to control us for over 50 years.  Now with technology such as microchips, and people talking about getting rid of cash, the fear is genuine that we are close to seeing this event come to pass.

Whatever your view is on the millennium, I have a simple question for you today.

Whose mark do you carry today?

Every follower of Jesus Christ is already marked.  Jesus’ blood marks us and seals us as His dear children.  In our Baptism, the Holy Spirit claims us as God’s.    

No matter what humanity comes up with, God has put his mark on us.  Nothing Satan tries will ever hurt us!

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