What I Read Today:

Revelation 11-12; Zechariah 8-9; Psalm 57; 2 Chronicles 10; Exodus 10

Which plague in Exodus do you think would be the worst to experience?  Boils would be painful; insects and frogs would make life miserable.  Hail would wreak havoc on our homes and lives.  Of course, the death of the firstborn during the Passover would be awful.  

Each of the plagues in Exodus would have been awful.

But I think darkness, would have been the worst.  Darkness makes us see things that aren’t there.  Our minds play tricks on us.  Fear can overtake common sense in the dark.  

But the worst part of darkness is that we get used to living in it.  We adapt to the darkness.  

Pharaoh and his people were living in the darkness the minute they rejected God.  Now the darkness was engulfing them.  As people move further into the darkness away from God, they become more comfortable living in the dark.  There comes the point when they can no longer find their way back to the light.

Christians need to be light in a world of darkness.  We need to let the light of Christ shine so brightly in our lives that we lead people out of the darkness and back home to the light.

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