What I Read Today:

Revelation 7-8; Acts 27; Zechariah 4-5; Psalm 55; 2 Chronicles 8; Exodus 8

He warned them.  Paul told them that this wouldn’t end well.  Yet here in Acts 27, we find Paul and the rest of the passengers and crew on a ship that is falling apart and about to crash.

Paul took a second to say, “I warned you,” but he put that aside and began to calm the frightened people.  He made sure everyone ate.  Paul prayed for God’s guidance.  He reassured them that God was going to get them through this.  

Paul did everything that a good Pastor does. 

I wonder how many times our Pastors cry out in the night to God asking for his protection for some lost soul who he knows is heading directly into trouble.  How many people he sees returning to abusive relationships when he knows they shouldn’t.  How many addicts can’t kick the habit?  

Pastors live a life filled with struggles.  Yet so many of us do precisely what the Roman Centurian did and ignore our Pastors.  

Take some time today and say a special prayer for the men and women who are our Pastors.  Lift them up to God, and if you can, drop them an encouraging note. 

They need it.

6 thoughts on “August 24, 2020 – Pray for our Pastors

  1. Well said.. They pray for us support us yet we might never understand what they go through for their flock and also personal issues. I just said a prayer for my pastors.. May God always guide,provide for them and protect them.🙏

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  2. I have always found it interesting that Paul stepped out of character for just a moment and, in essence, tells both the Roman commander and the ship’s captain, “See, I told you so! If only you had listened!” Paul had a good recovery. This passage just goes to demonstrate that even super apostles like Paul were still human and subject to human frailty.


  3. This is so apt for the times we are in today.
    Pastors are mere mortals like all other humans. And like you so rightly mentioned, their struggles are real.
    We must pray for our pastors.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  4. I just finished studying the book of Acts. I loved how God told Paul, “Do not be afraid.” God saved all of those who were on the ship. This was God’s plan for the ship to go to Malta and for Paul to preach the gospel to the people. How amazing is that? It’s always God’s plan, not ours. It’s always God’s purpose.
    God Bless


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