What I Read Today:

Revelation 5-6; Acts 26; Zechariah 2-3; Psalm 54; 2 Chronicles 7; Exodus 7

Paul is standing in front of King Agrippa and the Queen.  He’s a prisoner in chains.  He will stand before Caeser’s court in Rome, where he could be found guilty and executed.  Paul’s given the opportunity to plead his case before the King and Queen.  

So what does he do?

He preaches the Gospel.  He offers the message of Jesus Christ to the very people who are standing in judgment of him.  The King and the Queen stand before Paul with their jaws wide open.  They can’t believe what’s happening.  

Whether Paul was a prisoner or free, he never missed an opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ.  

In our day to day lives, do we take advantage of the opportunities in front of us to tell the world about Jesus? I know I miss the boat all the time.

How about you, and I pledge to do a better job of seeking out opportunities to tell others about our Savior!  What do you say?

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