What I Read Today:

Revelation 3-4; Acts 25; Haggai 2-Zechariah 1; Psalm 53; 2 Chronicles 5; Exodus 6

We talk a lot about faith.  Yet, there is something that has to come before faith can arrive.  That something is a belief that there is a God.

Psalm 53 puts it this way, “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” ESV

Academia seems hell-bent on proving that there is no God.  Everywhere you turn, we have papers on Evolution that discount the existence of God.  Academics who try and disprove that scripture is historical. Others then try and re-write sections of scripture to allow for behavior that is not acceptable in God’s sight.   The goal is to discredit God and his word to the point where he fades into the woodwork and disappears.

If there is no God, we are free to indulge in any kind of behavior.  We, in effect, become our own Gods.  We’re free to lie, cheat, steal, and murder without fear of punishment or consequence.   Our world grows cold as compassion and caring die in favor of self-centeredness that focuses only on ourselves.

Sadly, deep inside the recesses of our hearts, we know there is a God.  The fear of death is partly due to the act that we know that we will have to face judgment.   If we didn’t know there was a God, why would we work so hard to hide some of the things we’ve done in our lives?  

We know there is a God.  To those who deny he exists, he stands waiting to receive you.  He stands waiting, with his arms wide open.  He will not force or coerce anyone to turn to him.  But he eagerly waits to bless any who turn back to him.

Our world needs healing today.  That healing will only take place when we stop running from God and turn back to him!

3 thoughts on “August 22, 2020 – There is A God!

  1. There are those who deny God and try to prove all faith as foolish. This occurs within academia and very much outside the “ivory towers”. There are a majority of academics and researchers in both the sciences and humanities that profess belief in God. The more the mysteries of life and the universe are explored the stronger the case for the existence of God. Please do not lump all of science into that bag. It is equivalent to putting all preachers into a group exemplified by Jim Jones or David Koresh.


  2. You are right, our world needs Jesus! It is my prayer daily that people would turn to Him wholeheartedly and that those of us who follow Him would shine brightly in this dark time.
    There are many areas of Academics which seem to be going out of the way to discount our precious Lord, and it’s very sad. As a homeschooling mom, I have found such joy and encouragement from the curriculum which is available. Curriculum which teaches subjects from a Biblical view. Science and history, have especially been encouraging to my faith and that of my children. Our oldest is in University and has had some great conversations with those who are curious about why she’s a Christian and part of her testimony is how science actually supports the existence of God and His truth. It’s been an incredible blessing to our family. (Notgrass History and Apologia science are our favorites)


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