What I Read Today:

Revelation 1-2; Acts 24; Zephaniah 3 – Haggai 1; Psalm 52; 2 Chronicles 4; Exodus 5

Recently, I’ve started trying to get back into shape.  Now, over the years, I’ve had some pretty good streaks with staying shape.  When I was in the Air Force, running was something I had to do.  In 1997 after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I ran to lose weight and get back into shape.  When we moved to Colorado in 2002, I struggled with my diabetes, so I was running to help.  After I found out I had been misdiagnosed as a type 2, and the doctor began insulin therapy, and I either ran or rode my bike to help keep things under control.  

Over the years, I’ve run numerous 10k races, a 5k, and a half-marathon.

But then numerous health issues happened, and a change in my work schedule hit. Suddenly, the fitness I’d worked so hard at disappeared.  So now, I find myself struggling to run 5 minutes and walk a total of 3 miles.  Some mornings I wonder if it will all be worth it.

Solomon has just completed the temple.  He’s drained the treasury and worked his people to the bones.  I wonder if he asked himself, “was it all worth it?”

Then the glory of God filled the temple.  Such an incredible moment.  The culmination of years of work that was started by his father, David.  Now God had blessed him with his presence!

It’s hard at the beginning of any task to understand if things will work out.  The struggles are in front of us every day.  But our job as Christians is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and working towards our heavenly home. God promises that It will be worth it when we get there!  

Ask Solomon!

3 thoughts on “August 21, 2020 – One foot in front of the other!

  1. We struggle because we sometimes have little strength but we can trust God because He has a plan and He sees the big picture. When we ask Him for wisdom and strength He will give it to us, sometimes not to the point where we leap and jump but to move on shining our light for Him in this dark world. Blessings, Elfriede


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