What I Read Today:

1 John 5 & 2 John; Acts 22; Habakkuk 2-3; Psalm 50; 2 Chronicles 2; Exodus 3

Growing up, I have a feeling; Moses had a plan for his life.  Early on, maybe he thought he’d be Pharoah.  When he realized that wouldn’t happen, he decided to become his people’s savior.  Rather than wait on God or seek God’s guidance through prayer, Moses jumped headlong into his mission and wound up exiled, running and standing on a mountain watching sheep.  Many years have passed.  

The brash young man has been humbled and leads a quiet life. He was no longer looking to be king or leader.  Moses has grown old.

Just when you think that God can’t use you anymore, that’s when God strikes.  He waits until we’re empty of our desires and goals and leads us to become reliant on him.  

Our age does not limit God’s ability to call us.  

God is seeking to rebuild the church after the Pandemic ends.  The church will need people of all ages, races, social backgrounds, and cultures to make that happen.  The church will be very different when this is over.  

But every time God chooses to make a change within the church, something incredible happens.

Now, when he calls you, will you answer?

2 thoughts on “August 19, 2020 – Are You Ready To Serve?

  1. This piece reminded me of the chronic instances of princely brothers waging war against each other for the throne after their father died, and the fact that kings pre-mortem chose one son and killed the rest in order to prevent such a conflict that is most characterized by civil war: one brother with an army against another with his own army

    the rational for such bloodbath included charges of illegitimacy, prevention of tyranny, and incompetence, but must likely it is driven by desire for power, and using the aforementioned reasons to justify the eliminating of one’s own brother, if that brother doess not agree to relinquish his claim to the throne.

    Moses evidentily had no such claim to the throne, though he may have had the desire to lead his people at that time. If he did, a number of things could have happened. The kidnapping of, and eliminating of the witnessses, dismiss the charge and place the blame on the witnesses themselves, but he knows that if they have seen him then they would have told the others and there’s no way for him to find all witnesses and those who’ve heard it. But whatever the case may be, God did humiliate him and having him to live in the wilderness for many years and as he grew older, what ambitions he might have harbored dwindled at the same time.

    Then, God called him, and Moses emptied of any ambition at all showed profound reluctance.


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