What I Read Today:

James 2; Acts 13; Jonah 1; Psalm 41; 1 Chronicles 22; Genesis 44

Throughout the New Testament, the primary theme is that we are saved by grace alone. Salvation by Grace is the cornerstone of the reformation.

Yet in James 2, we see a different take on this crucial doctrine.

Why would James take on such an essential doctrine this way?

I believe the point James was making had nothing to do with our reliance on Jesus atoning sacrifice for salvation.  People had begun to live out the idea that since Jesus had done the work for us, we didn’t need to show any change in our lives. 

Our faith should affect how we live our lives.  When people see you and me, do they see the world, or do they see Christ?

Many Christians walk around the world so that you would never know they attended church on Sunday.  The Gospel doesn’t show itself in their lives.  I believe that this is what James is pointing out.  Is our faith a superficial faith that shows up only when we attend worship?  Or is that faith one that can be seen in our actions and deeds with our neighbors?  We don’t need to be the greatest evangelist or the person who has the most scripture memorized to be able to show Christ to the world around us.  Our actions towards our neighbors will often speak louder than our words.  

I believe that’s what James is telling us.  

6 thoughts on “August 10, 2020 – Can they see Jesus through you?

  1. Great blog. I read the post before I looked up the Bible verse but I will look them up right now. I am too sick today todo any writing so I will do some reading which I do not do very often. Thank you sir.

    ❤️Terri D


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