What I Read Today:

James 1; Acts 12; Obadiah; Psalm 40; 1 Chronicles 21; Genesis 43

Persecutions continue in the Book of Acts.  In Chapter 12, we see the execution of the apostle James.  

Trying to understand how God does things or allows things to happen in life can make you crazy.  Why would God allow James to be martyred and let Peter live makes doesn’t make sense to you and me.  

God doesn’t bring evil into people’s lives.  While we don’t understand the mind of God, our job is to trust him.  

God’s decisions are always apart of his bigger plan.  We aren’t required to understand.  In the case of Acts 12, God’s plan was to use the persecution to grow his church.  James dying for the word of God allowed people to see one of Jesus’ disciples love him so much that he gave his life for Jesus.

The miraculous saving of Peter showed God protecting his people and spreading his word.

No matter how God chooses to use people, our job is to be faithful to his word and to Jesus!  Trusting that God will see his plan through to the end gives us hope that no matter what happens to us, God will fulfill his plan!    

5 thoughts on “August 9, 2020 – God’s Plan Always Succeeds!

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