What I Read Today:

Hebrews 13; Acts 11; Amos 9; Psalm 39; 1 Chronicles 20; Genesis 42

Amos 9:1-10 concludes with a foreshadowing of the war, death, starvation, and disease which is coming to the nation soon.  

Sound familiar? Sound like what we are living through right now?  Our lives seem in perpetual chaos.  We’ve been in multiple wars since 2001, several pandemics including COVID-19, which we are living with today.  Civil unrest and crime are rampant in our cities.  It appears that our world is spiraling out of control.

Yet with God, there is always hope.

God reminds Israel that he always keeps his promises.  Once again, he promises that someone from the line of David is coming to change the world.  God promises that he will rebuild what has been destroyed by sin.  

Amid the troubles surrounding our world today, God still gives us hope.  It is the hope that God will end the strife in our cities, bring peace where there is war and bring an end to the violence perpetuating our society.  God brings hope that when he closes one door of our lives, he will open another.  When he takes away a job, a new one will follow.  

The Christians life should be filled with hope because God is our hope.

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