What I Read Today:

Hebrews 12; Acts 10; Amos 8; Psalm 38; 1 Chronicles 19; Genesis 41

It’s interesting how something that an incident that occurred over 2000 years ago can be so relevant today.  

The Jewish people had become segregated.  The idea of spiritual purity had led to the requirements of total separation.  Jews didn’t go to the homes of non-jews.  Gentiles had to convert to Judaism, and even after conversion, they were not accorded full rights as natural-born Jews were.  

God was about to give Peter a lesson.  God was about to break down the walls.

God would help Peter realize that all of the people on this earth were equal in God’s eyes.   He would teach Peter that all of humanity needed a savior.  We would see Peter struggle with his internal biases later in the book of Acts.  His prejudices were a product of a lifetime of teachings that wouldn’t just go away in a single lesson.  It would take Peter the rest of his life to change his thinking.  The strength of what we were taught since birth remains with us and is difficult to change.  

Today our society is more divided than ever.   Our nation is divided by race, sex, class, and region.  Those divisions have led to suspicion, fear, and in some cases, violence.  

Today, more than ever, we need to hear the words of Acts chapter 10.  We need to see one another as children of God who have been created in the image of God.

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