What I Read Today:

Hebrews 10; Acts 8; Amos 6; Psalm 36; 1 Chronicles 17; Genesis 39

In Acts 8, we meet Saul of Tarsus.  We will later know him as the Apostle Paul.  Here, before the Holy Spirit entered his life, we see Paul attempting to destroy the church.  Somehow, Paul thought that he could end God’s plan.  He thought he was helping God to eradicate this upstart group of apostates.

What he didn’t understand was that God used times of struggle to build his church.  God still does today.  God uses times of persecution as a time of culling the herd.  He roots out those who are superficial and cleanses the church.

In the example in Acts 8, we see Philip move into Samaria and outside of Judea.  He reaches out to people who wouldn’t have known Christ were it not for persecution forcing people to move to other areas of the world.  The conversion of the Ethiopian would not have been a small affair for the Jewish people.  They would never have reached out to “Gentiles.”  Yet here we see the Holy Spirit lead Philip directly to a gentile.  

In times like we are living today, we have a choice.  The choice is to wallow in self-pity or to find new ways to reach out for Christ.  It’s a simple choice.  

Shutting down are churches in March, and April led to a new season of outreach through Facebook Live, YouTube, Drive-In Church, and other creative ways to reach out for Christ.  

The question I have is this, will we learn lessons from this time, or will we go back to business as usual when this is over?  I pray that we continue learning and find more and more creative ways to reach out!

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