What I Read Today:

Hebrews 9; Acts 7; Amos 5; Psalm 35; 1 Chronicles 16; Genesis 38

David writes A, “Song of Thanks,” to God.  Listen to how he says we should worship our God:

  1. Give thanks and call on his name.
    • Our God is approachable.  He seeks our gratitude for all that he has given us.  God desires our worship.  He welcomes us to come to him!  
  2. Sing praises to him.
    • Our worship is more than a skin-deep function or action.  It is a spirit-filled, deep relationship between God and man.  We don’t have to be a great singer, but in our hearts, we should always singing God’s praises.
  3. Glory in his name.
    • God invites us to revel in his name.  He invites us to take pride in the fact that he calls us his people.  We don’t take pride as the world does.  We take pride in the fact that God loved us and calls us his own.
  4. Seek the Lord and his strength.
    • God offers to give us strength for our journey.  God wants to work in our lives.  More often than not, the problem is we feel the need to do it our way.  But God tells us to seek his strength and not rely on our own.
  5. Remember what he has done for us.
    • It’s easy to forget that God has given us everything.  Our homes, our lives, our jobs, and our abilities.  When we remember what he’s done for us, it’s easy to remain humble.
  6. Tell of his salvation.
    • Telling people of God’s saving grace should be the church’s one priority.  Everything else must take second place.  Leading people to Christ is our job.  The Holy Spirit will do the rest.
  7. Pray to God for saving grace.
    • We should always remember that we are still in need of God’s saving grace.  That never changes until the moment we arrive in our heavenly home!

David could sure preach a sermon!

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