What I Read Today:

Hebrews 2: John 21; Joel 1; Psalm 28; 1 Chronicles 4-9; Genesis 31

When I was a young boy my Mom and Dad got me a new bike.  It was a Gold Schwinn with a banana seat.  I was so proud of that bike.  I loved to take my bike and ride around the neighborhood during the hot summer days.  I felt like I had freedom.  I was only supposed to go a couple of blocks from the house, but I’d keep pushing out further and further from home.

One particular day, I was riding my bike a couple of blocks farther than I was supposed to from the house.  I didn’t know the area and I hit a hole in the ground.  I flipped off the bike seat and landed badly on my ankle.  The swelling started immediately.  I could stand but it really hurt.  At this point, I realized how far from home I really was.  Struggling to stand I pulled my bike up and used it as a crutch.  Each step was agonizing.  

The only thing I could think of was getting back to that home that I had been pushing further and further from.  I knew that when I got home my parents would take care of me.  All I could think of was getting home.

It seemed like it took forever.  When my mom saw me hobbling up the hill by our house she ran and helped me.  The next thing I knew I was at the doctor’s office being told I hadn’t broken my ankle but it was a bad sprain.  When my dad got home, he went out and fixed the bent wheel on my bike.  

Psalm 28 tells us that our God is there to pick us up when we fall off the bicycle called life.  He hears our cries when we fall and struggle to pick ourselves up and limp back home.  He runs to help us crawl up the hill to our spiritual homes.  He shields us from the pain.  He puts us back together no matter how far we have wandered away from him.  He fixes our broken souls.  He tapes up our wounded hearts.  

That’s the God we trust in.  That’s the God who loves us!

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