What I Read Today:

Philemon; John 19; Hosea 13; Psalm 26; 1 Chronicles 2; Genesis 29

When you read John 19 do you feel the venom?  How about hatred and anger?  Pilate could feel it.  He could see it.  Even this cold Roman Governor had a hard time understanding exactly what this man in front of him had done to garner this much hatred.

I mean think about it.  What exactly had Jesus done to the religious leaders?  He hadn’t told people to stop tithing.  Jesus never told them to stop attending church.  He told the people several times to obey their leaders.  

What rules had he broken?  Yep, he violated the Sabbath by healing people.  I’m not sure if anyone had been executed for that crime in a long time.  

Of course, it was something much deeper.  Jesus was bringing to light the failure of the leadership.  He was showing people that what they were preaching was not what God wanted.  Worse yet, he was piercing the very souls of the religious leaders, and rather than repent and turn to Jesus they chose the path of violence.  

Not much has changed, has it?  The world still doesn’t want to hear that they need a savior.  Yet here he stands with his arms wide open.  Pray today for the world to turn back to God.  We need him more than ever.

One thought on “July 26, 2020

  1. Hosea 13 shows how human forgets God when they are in comfort and God’s punishment. I went further to read Hosea 14 and saw how merciful and forgiving God is. This passage blessed me personally.


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