What I Read Today:

Titus 2; John 17; Hosea 11; Psalm 24; 2 Kings 25; Genesis 27

What can we learn from Genesis 27?  

Parents favoring one child over another, is never a good thing?

Lying and deceit will always end badly?

Family feuds can be the most distressing of them all?

I think we can learn all of these things from Genesis 27.  However, the most important lesson is that we should never presume to understand what God’s plan is.  Rebekkah was intent on ensuring that God’s promise to Jacob was kept.  So rather than trusting that God would keep his promise she decided to “help” God.   

God is not in need of our help.  

When we try to inject our plans into God’s plans things go sideways fast.  

We need to pray our way with God and let the spirit lead us not our emotions.  

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