What I Read Today:

Titus 1; John 16; Hosea 10; Psalm 23; 2 Kings 24; Genesis 26

In John 16 Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit has three purposes.

First, the Spirit of God convicts the world of sin.  In our world, we see numerous examples of sin at work.  With the rise in violence, anger, hate racism, and fear, we human beings know that the world is spiraling out of control.  The spirit is there pricking our hearts, calling us back to God.  He’s pushing us to return to the way that God is asking us to live.  

Second, the spirit is there guiding believers to live lives of righteousness.  Our life of sanctification is one where we grow towards Jesus.  It’s a continual process whereby we move closer to God.  

Finally, the spirit of God proclaims that Satan has been defeated.  He may still be active causing problems, but he is defeated.  He cannot win.  Jesus has won the final victory.  The spirit proclaims that victory from the roof tops.

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