What I Read Today:

2 Timothy 4; John 15; Hosea 9; Psalm 22; 2 Kings 23

In John 15 Jesus tells us to “abide” in him.  A quick Google© search tells us the definition of the word abide is, “accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation).”

In a biblical sense, however, abide has a deeper meaning.  John’s writing indicates that the word abide is telling us to remain united with Jesus in heart, mind, and will.  This is a much deeper meaning of the word.

What Jesus is saying to us here is that our entire soul and being are to be committed to serving Jesus.  Everything about us should be focused on serving our savior.  

Jesus is demanding a total commitment to him.  He’s telling us to give ourselves entirely to him.

Then he goes on to say that our love should show itself in our love for our fellow man.  That’s what Jesus is telling us.  Our lives should be lives of love that are completely filled with the love of Jesus.  So much so that it pours out of us for all to see.

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