What I Read Today:

2 Timothy 2; John 13; Hosea 7; Psalm 20; 2 Kings 21; Genesis 23

These days everyone wants to be the boss.  We believe that we are in charge of our lives.  

If any person who ever walked the earth had the right to believe that he was in charge, it was Jesus.  Yet he behaved in the exact opposite way.  Jesus spent his time on this earth serving others, loving others, and healing others.  Even in cases where he had to correct someone he did it in a way that made people know that he loved them.  I wish I had that kind of ability.  

Jesus gave us an example to follow.  An example of how we should live our lives.  

Today, we see so many fighting everything.  Won’t wear a mask, won’t avoid large gatherings, and on and on.  Can’t have a church service without singing.  Our world needs a dose of Jesus teaching from John13.  Our society needs to regain the idea that Christians are here to serve.  Worship isn’t about what we get out of it.  We should spend more time washing feet and less time demanding we get our way.  

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