What I Read Today:

Titus 2; John 17; Hosea 11; Psalm 24; 2 Kings 25; Genesis 27

The prayer Jesus prays in John 17 gives us insight into the mission Jesus was on.  It tells us what God’s plan and purpose was.

In verses 1-5, Jesus tells us that God has given him complete authority to judge all of humanity.  He’s given humanity a choice, follow Jesus or reject him.  But God’s purpose is that all men follow Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven with him. This was the work that Jesus came to accomplish.  

In verses, 6-19 goes on to say that many will reject Jesus.  It’s a sad truth.  But Jesus prays that God will hold onto all who have faith in Christ.  He prays that the word of God will continue to grow in their hearts and help them to grow in God’s grace.

Finally, in verses 20-26, Jesus prays for Christian unity.  We pray this as well even though the Christian Church is far from unified.  We are splintered and fractured at best.  But the unity Jesus speaks of is the unity of our common bond of having the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  The Holy Spirit continues to cause us to grow each and every day in God’s grace.

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