What I Read Today:

1 Timothy 4; John 9; Hosea 3; Psalm 16; 2 Kings 17; Genesis 19

This is the healing of the man born blind and the reaction to that healing by the leaders of the church.  

First, in John 9:3-5, we have a discussion of why some people are born blind.  This could apply to anything, really, why do some get diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or any number of diseases.  Jesus makes it clear that these are not punishments.  They are part of the imperfect world that we live in.  The world that has defects and pain.  

However, Jesus is clear that those who have these issues have work to do in God’s kingdom.  Quadriplegic, Joni Eareckson Tada, has written books and developed a radio show.  Her disability didn’t stop her from serving God’s kingdom and being an incredible inspiration to many.

Second, don’t expect people in the church to always be thrilled by a miracle.  It’s amazing how the leadership responded, isn’t it?  It’s amazing that a man who had never read the Torah rebukes the leadership the way that this man does in John 9:30-33.

Finally, Jesus assures this man that nothing that the naysayers said would be held against him.  Jesus came for him.  Jesus was looking for those who were being overlooked by the church.  

How does that apply to us today?  Are we seeking those who are lost?  Are we praising God for miracles in people’s lives or are we cynics?  

Let’s take time to reflect deeply on this, what do you say?

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