What I Read Today:

What I Read Today;

2 Thessalonians 3; John 5; Daniel 11; Psalm 12; 2 Kings 13; Genesis 15

Abraham was given quite an honor.  God chose him to be the father of the Jewish nation.  It wasn’t that Abraham was perfect.  No, Abraham could be deceitful and he definitely had a temper.  He was impatient and had trouble waiting on God.  That’s how he ended up with a son named Ishmael through his wife’s handmaid Hagar.

However, Abraham had one thing above all else. He trusted God.  

Abraham understood that when God made a promise he kept it.  He may not have understood the how and the why of God, but he trusted that God would do what he said he would do.

So I wonder how Abraham felt standing there looking up at the stars.  Did he wonder how in the world a 90-year-old man would produce so many offspring that they would rival the number of stars in the sky?

But that is exactly what our God did.  Through Abraham, a nation would be born.  Through Abraham King, David would rule.  Through Abraham Jesus Christ would descend.  Through Jesus, billions of souls would be saved.  I don’t know how many souls have been saved, but I bet there aren’t enough stars in the sky to count them.

One thought on “July 12, 2020

  1. Abraham has always been my favorite Bible character, with the exception of Jesus, of course, and for all the reasons you list. But you forgot about the best reason of all, and that is that God called Abraham His friend (see Isaiah 41:8 and James 2:23).

    Great post! I love your insights!


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