What I Read Today:

2 Thessalonians 2; John 4; Daniel 10; Psalm 11; 2 Kings 12; Genesis 14

In John 4, Jesus and his disciples have crossed into Samaria.  Tired, hot and thirsty, Jesus sits down near a well, while his disciples head into town to find some food.  

Jesus, however, is never one to miss an opportunity.  

The Jewish people looked down at the Samaritans.  The Samaritans weren’t allowed into the temple for worship and the people were told not to associate with them.   So imagine this woman’s amazement, when Jesus asked her for a drink of water.

Jesus knew exactly who this person was.  He knew her past.  He understood her pain.  But he also knew that there was a hole in her heart and that he was going to fill it.  

To Jesus, church membership didn’t matter.  Jesus only cared if your heart was aimed at God.  The only thing that mattered to him was were you willing to turn your life over to him.  Your past is gone, it’s your future that Jesus is concerned about.  

That’s why he offered her the living water of the Gospel.  His disciples were confused, the people of the town were amazed and a woman was saved.  

Quite a day’s work.

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