What I Read Today:

1 Thessalonians 3; Luke 24; Daniel 6; Psalm 7; 2 Kings 8; Genesis 10

I am a subscriber to the Voice of The Martyrs.  The stories of persecution around the world are truly heart wrenching to read.  Here in America, we are spoiled.  We think we’re being persecuted by being asked to worship from home.  That’s not persecution folks.  We’re not being told that we have to worship as a Muslim or die.  We don’t fear our government imprisoning us or executing us as they do in China, North Korea, or Iran.  We don’t fear roving gangs of extremists who will kill anyone who fails to convert to Islam, like in Africa.

What we deem as persecution, others around the world would consider a blessing.

Daniel was ordered to pray only to the King, he refused.  Instead, he continued his worship of his God.  He nearly lost his life because of it.  

If given the choice to worship our God or lose our life, I wonder what I would do?  I wonder what any of us would do?

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