What I Read Today:

1 Thessalonians 2; Luke 23; Daniel 5; Psalm 6; 2 Kings 7; Genesis 9

The Bible is a book that doesn’t sugarcoat the sins of the people that are named in it.  Even those like Noah, who are true heroes of the faith.

What did Noah do when his fields had blossomed and life had returned to normal?  He partied like a rock star and fell down naked and drunk.  Noah, like you and me, proved that he was human.  

What do we do, when we see our fellow believers acting in a way that isn’t in line with God’s will?  Do we announce it to the news media?  Do we point it out to everyone we come into contact with?

Canaan had a choice, he could honor his father by covering up his sin.  Or, he could make fun of him and go tell others.  He chose the latter.

His brothers on the other hand chose to cover up their father’s sin.  They made the decision, not to look at their father’s sin, not to join in their father’s sin, not to run about the village letting everyone know their father had sinned.  No, they covered up their naked father and quietly walked away.

Our job as Christians is to lead people to Christ, to make disciples.  Our job is not to announce to guilt and shame of others to the rest of the world.  

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