What I Read Today

Philippians 3; Luke 16; Ezekiel 46; Song of Songs 5-6; 1 Kings 22

In 1 Kings 22, the fourth king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, is killed in battle.  

Jehoshaphat was considered a good king.  He lived his life for God, but he tolerated some things he shouldn’t have.  As king, he should have taken down the high places and shut down the worship of false gods.  In spite of that, the Bible describes him as one who did right in the sight of God.  He was a believer in the God of Israel and had faith in the coming messiah.

But he had one big flaw.  

In an effort to make peace, he associated with the evil King of Israel, Ahab.  This relationship will ultimately cause his death.  

The mistake Jehoshaphat made is not having a relationship with an unbeliever.  In fact, Jesus commands us to have those relationships and reach out to those people with the Gospel.  The mistake the King makes is that he followed the evil King into a place where he had been warned not to go.  We have to be careful about the relationships and the activities we engage in.  While we are to live in the world, living in the world can sometimes make it difficult for us not to become apart of the world.  

The Bible warns us to avoid certain behaviors.  The world thinks those behaviors are entertainment and engages in them with glee.  If our unbelieving friends draw us in, the temptation to participate may be too great.  

Jehoshaphat was warned by Micaiah not to go with Ahab.  He went anyway and it cost him his life.  

The Bible warns us to avoid many behaviors.  It would do us good to listen!

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