What I Read Today:

Philippians 2; Luke 15; Ezekiel 45; Song of Songs 3&4; 1 Kings 21

Jesus had a passion that shined throughout the Gospels.  Everything he did, was to reach out and find those who were lost. Jesus was looking for those who had been excluded from the church, run away from the church, or felt marginalized by the church.  

In our reading today in Luke we hear Jesus confronted by the Pharisees.  They can’t believe that a Holy Man of God would associate with sinners.  Yet Jesus does just that.  Jesus tells three parables to back up his point.  The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son.

Jesus makes clear that the point of his journey to Calvary was to save sinners like you and me.  In Luke 24 he makes these points:

  1. Jesus will never give up on us. He will never stop seeking out the lost sheep.  And he will rejoice when they are found!
  2. We have free will and he will not force anyone to turn to him.
  3. Even when we wander, Jesus will be so happy that he will throw a party when we return!

Jesus seeks out those who are lost.  Why then do we fail to follow his example?  Why do we fail to understand the incredible grace that awaits us if we only would turn to Jesus?  Is it our Stubborn pride?  Maybe.  Whatever the case may be, Jesus is waiting for people to turn back to him.  

What can we do to help them?

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