What I Read Today:

Philippians 1; Luke 14; Ezekiel 44; Song of Songs 2; 1 Kings 20

Ezekiel describes the duties of the Priests and those who assist the Priests.  Why is this important?  Because he’s describing a new temple that will replace the one that the Babylonians had just destroyed.  

The Priesthood had been complicit in allowing the people of God to fall away from God.  This had happened because of the way in which the worship life of the people had fallen. The Priests had fallen into the trap of allowing the ways of the world to influence how they would preach and teach.  

This has happened several times throughout history.

It’s like a game of chicken that the Devil plays with the people of God.  Rather than take Satan head-on the people of God blink and move to the side.  We don’t take on difficult issues.  We favor those who are rich over those who are poor. The Church fails to speak out on behalf of those in need.  We fail to take on sensitive issues in our society.  Or we do so in such a destructive way, that our efforts are total failures.

We need leaders in our churches and our Pastors to preach God’s Word and teach God’s people.  We need serious people who will take the time to learn, study, and grow.  We need faithful leaders to patiently teach God’s people.

Being assigned as a Pastor or Priest is a high honor.  It is our duty to handle the Word of God in a way that honors God and instructs people.  Pray for all who say yes to God and take on this awesome responsibility.

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