What I Read Today:

Ephesians 6; Luke 13; Ezekiel 43; Song of Songs 1; 1 Kings 19

Elijah had just witnessed his God defeat Ahab and the priests of Baal.  It was a monumental victory.  He had to feel like he was sitting on the top of the mountain.  

Then came the threats.  The queen was spewing hate and threatening vengeance on Elijah.  

Isn’t it always the case, that immediately following some of our greatest victories, something happens to bring us back to the ground?  Satan doesn’t like to lose.  He won’t sit idly by or throw in the towel.  No, he’s going to come back with a vengeance.  In the case of Elijah, Satan’s threats have the intended effect.  Elijah runs for his life.

Yet, God reaches out to Elijah during this time.  He provides him strength.  He gets him to a quiet place.  Then God reconfirms his message to him.  Finally, he tells him that he is not alone.  

That’s what God does for us in our moments of despair.  If we trust in him, he will strengthen us.  If we wait on him he will send us help.  Like Elijah, we may have to find a quiet place and to wait to hear from God.  But when we hear him, he will provide us the strength to continue our journey!

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