What I Read Today:

Galatians 3; Luke 4; Ezekiel 34; Ecclesiastes 3; 1 Kings 10

People seem intent on following strange voices these days.  People willingly follow politicians who seem more intent on getting re-elected than doing good for the people they serve.  Some follow self-help gurus and media personalities.  COVID-19 has produced dozens of so-called experts.  These people live for the camera; They announced to us ow many people would get sick and die.  When their numbers weren’t even close, they came up with new ones.

Every field has experts.  These experts charge ridiculous amounts and are right about 50% of the time.

God is warning the people of Israel about Experts in Ezekiel 34.  The religious experts had let the people of Israel down.  They had been preaching about a God who was going to rescue them.  God had warned, through Ezekiel and other prophets, that there would be no rescue without repentance.  The experts told the nation, “Just pay us a little more, and everything will be OK.”  They lied.

God, however, had a better way.  That way was to send a Messiah.  That Messiah would now lead the people. Not some religious experts or king.  No, the Son of God would do it.

Jesus has broken more kingdoms than anyone in history. 

Jesus broke the Roman empire. Then when the catholic church lost its way, he brought reformers led by Martin Luther to bring the Gospel back.  When the Church of England failed to pay attention to the working class, John Wesley was called by God to preach to them directly.  In America, stories of Christian Faith have changed this country time and again.

God continues to move.  Even in days of pandemics, riots, and anarchy, God continues to rule in the hearts of men and women. 

Who will answer the call next?

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