What I Read Today;

Galatians 2; Luke 3; Ezekiel 33; Ecclesiastes 2; 1 Kings 9

Why does God call preachers to preach?  Ezekiel 33 vs. 1-20 layout what God expects from those who preach. 

First, he expects each one of us to be faithful to his Word.  Too many won’t preach on controversial subjects.  They walk away from calling out Sin.  They keep it flowery. 

Yet, God makes it clear that he views preachers as Watchman standing on a wall.  Our job is to call out Sin and point people to the Cross for forgiveness.  Sometimes Pastors have to preach on those subjects that people don’t like.  It’s the nature of the job.

Why is God so adamant that he wants Pastors to view themselves in this way? 

Verse 11 tells us why.  It’s because God wishes all men and women to come to a knowledge of Christ and to be Saved.  Yes, our God is holy. Yes, God is just.  However, God is also loving and merciful.  God created you and me to worship him.  God has given us his Moral Law as a guide for our lives. Jesus explained that the Law of God was actually the Law of Love. 

Why do preachers preach?  Because they love God’s people.  They preach because they yearn to bring those who don’t know Christ, to Christ. 

A lot is happening in our world today.  We need Preachers who preach God’s word today more than ever!

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