What I Read Today:

Galatians 1; Luke 2; Ezekiel 32; Proverbs 31 & Ecclesiastes 1; 1 Kings 8

Paul can’t believe it. A church he helped to start has turned back to Jewish teachings.  While they still profess faith in Christ, it appears that something happened to cause them to do a U-Turn. 

A group, known as the Judaizers, has begun a movement.  This movement is telling people that to be saved, they must incorporate Jewish teaching with the Gospel.  The believers must be circumcised and follow Mosaic Law.  If they don’t do that, then that is not saved.

Paul can’t believe what has happened. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that surprising.  How does this happen?  It’s actually quite explainable.

People who stop growing in their faith can be manipulated.

They will believe whatever a preacher preaches, or they will be swayed by whatever society says.  A Pastor stands in the Pulpit and is immediately given respect as an authority figure.  If he teaches things that are not biblical, then they become the truth to those who hear the message.  Whether they are true or not is irrelevant to the hearers.  Unfortunately, most people don’t obtain their teaching from Pastors, good or bad.  They receive their education from the TV or an education system that doesn’t agree with what God teaches.  We’ve allowed society to change what is biblical.  The church has followed suit by following what is popular. 

In a January 2020 Gospel Coalition article, the writer sights statistics that 32% of Protestant Christians say they read the Bible regularly.  Those numbers are 6% less than the 40% sighted in a Christianity Today article in 2014. 

How can we fix this?

Pastors must return to the idea that Christians have a responsibility to read God’s word.  Not just hear it on Sunday.  Read it for themselves.  Christians must read God’s Word.  They must study God’s word. 

We have reached a tipping point.  Churches are splitting over fundamental Christian Doctrines.  Over marriage, over abortion, and sexual immorality. 

The only way to stop the decay in our society is to get back to biblical basics.  That means teaching the Bible as it is written. 

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